Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

Expert in industrial Water Treatment Systems, mayer brand provides services on projecting, selling and assembly of water treatment processes for every need.


Mayer Chemical Water Treatment

Mayer kimya has been based in Turkey since 2006, producing seawater treatment systems, Reverse osmosis machines for European, Asian and African markets. The fact that our machines are controllable from the internet ensures that our service quality is excellent.

The purpose of Mayer Kimya is to solve industrial problems caused by water in the most permanent and economical way without further harming our customers, environment and world. Mayer Kimya only produces solutions. Practical solutions that can be integrated, especially in various areas of industry, that have never been designed by anyone before, are the basis of Mayer's continuous development strategy.

Mayer, which is located in a different lane with its project producing company identity and many years of experience, has always been the leading company in its sector.


Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis System is one of the most common systems used in water treatment. Reverse osmosis System is a method used mostly in industrial areas for the reuse of wastewater.

Container Type Treatment

Container type water treatment systems are frequently preferred treatment systems with advantages such as compact design, easy installation, operation.

Filter Systems

Filter systems are systems that filter sediment, turbidity and suspended solids in the waters thanks to the deep-bearing filter chamber.

Ultraviolet System

Ultraviolet devices, which are one of the most effective water disinfection methods used to remove microorganisms in water by photooxidation method, which do not use any chemicals, are also called ultraviolet.

Ultra Pure Water System

Ultra Pure Water Systems are highly sensitive systems that produce the ultra-pure water needed in many products, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, electronic circuit washes, precision surface coating works, molecular products, etc.

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking and utility water in our country; It is the water that people use for drinking, washing, cleaning and similar needs in their daily activities, and the features that must be included in it are determined by TS 266.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • The purpose of industrial water treatment is to treat harmful chemicals in well/mains or sea waters. These water purifiers complete the water treatment process after many applications according to their capacity. Thus, both clean water is obtained and savings are achieved by treating the water in the enterprise.

  • Pure water is of course vital for many sectors. Dialysis centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, beauty complexes, laboratory, paint industry, chemical industry, medical sector, coating industry, textile, automotive and energy sector have usage areas in many industrial sectors.

  • Industrial treatment systems operate with their own internal automation, sequential treatment principle, without leaving room for human intervention. The waters to be treated, microorganisms, sediment, harmful chemicals are treated respectively. Equipment such as water softening, Reverse Osmosis, Chlorination, Ultraviolet are used.

  • First of all, you need to fill out the contact form on the "contact" page on our site. After filling out the contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible and start work on the industrial water purifier you need.


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